Many people have been diagnosed with sleep apnea or some other type of sleep disorder. When someone has a diagnosis of any sleep disorder including sleep apnea this can cause many problems in their life. The lack of sleep that they need can cause problems in their job performance, how they maintain their home, how they parent and so much more. Since sleep apnea itself is uncomfortable, the mask that is used for the sleep apnea machine should not have to be. There are three main CPAP masks to choose from: full face mask, nasal mask and nasal pillow mask. When you choose a mask for your machine you should get the most comfortable CPAP mask for you. Below you can review the comfort levels of the different mask types to see which one might work for you. I also suggest you check out my sleep apnea exercise program I have been using to help improve the quality of my sleep. Also if you are a side sleeper make sure to check out the best masks for side sleepers and my article on my favorite CPAP masks!


Most Comfortable Full Face Mask

most comfortable CPAP mask

Overall Comfort Level Of The Full Face Mask

The full face CPAP masks are generally lightweight and great for multiple sleeping positions. Some of them have a soft cloth covering the mask as well. Other features of the full face mask, depending on which one you may choose, include rotating elbows and inflatable seals. Each of the above mentioned features allows the sleep apnea patient extreme comfort during use.

What Is The Most Comfortable Full Face Mask?

Based on many sleep apnea full face mask reviews the best mask of this type is the ResMed Mirage Quattro (Click here for complete review). This mask has all of the features mentioned above that would and do allow it to be very comfortable during the patient’s sleep apnea treatment. This mask also comes in different sizes and comes with headgear to make it fit perfectly for each individual patient.

 Most Comfortable Nasal Mask

Wisp Nasal Mask

Wisp Nasal Mask

Overall Comfort Level Of The Nasal Mask

The nasal CPAP masks generally allows the sleep apnea patient to feel more freedom during their sleep apnea treatment. This is because these types of CPAP masks do not cover the entire face so the patient may be able to watch television and even hold a conversation directly while they are wearing this type of mask. Some of the nasal masks even have soft cushions on them which allow for increased sleep apnea treatment comfort.

What Is The Most Comfortable Nasal Mask?

According to various nasal mask reviews the best mask of this type is the Wisp CPAP Mask (Click here for complete review). The comfort reviews for this mask have been so highly rated because the mask is easy to adjust, the hose moves easily, it is soft and lightweight and the pressure is not forceful like some other masks are.

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Most Comfortable Nasal Pillow

Philips Respironics Nuance Pro Nasal pillow Mask

Philips Respironics Nuance Pro Nasal pillow Mask

Overall Comfort Level Of The Nasal Pillow

The nasal pillow CPAP masks are available in an attempt to provide increased comfort for sleep apnea patients and that is just what they do. These types of masks provide comfortable airflow, nicely fitting headgear, some have earloop options, freedom when wearing them and much more. All of these features allow the sleep apnea patient a chance to feel like they are not trapped by their sleep apnea mask which means more comfort as well.

What Is The Most Comfortable Nasal Pillow?

Based on many reviews on these types of masks the best one would be the Philips Respironics Nuance Pro (Click here for complete review). Not only is the ResMed AirFit P10 highly rated as being the most comfortable but it is highly rated in all of its other specifications as well including noise level, size/weight, features and so much more. If you want a truly comfortable nasal pillow mask this would be one for you.

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Summary of the Most Comfortable CPAP Mask

There are many CPAP masks to choose from when it comes to sleep apnea treatments however the patient deserves to be comfortable during their treatment. The top three most comfortable masks in all three categories: nasal pillow, nasal mask and full face mask are listed above. These three cpap masks have been highly rated and may be just what you are looking for. Also make sure to get additional tubing for your CPAP mask as well as a fantastic tube cleaner, because these things get pretty gross pretty quickly!

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