Just as important as finding the best CPAP Machine for you, it is equally important to find the best CPAP mask for your particular needs. People sleep in many different positions and this is an important consideration when determining the right CPAP mask for you. Many people with sleep apnea prefer to sleep on their sides which is a completely acceptable sleep position, but not every mask will work properly or be particularly comfortable for a side sleeper. The entire purpose of CPAP treatment is to allow you to get a better, more restorative nights sleep and the two most important things to accomplishing that is to have effectively eliminate your apneas and be comfortable enough to sleep soundly through the night undisturbed. That is why it is so important to get the right CPAP mask for side sleeper such as yourself.


Best CPAP pillow for side sleepers

Before I get into the details of what you should look for in a CPAP mask as a side sleepers as well as provide you with my personal recommendations based on a lot of testing and research, I would like to bring to your attention what I found to be the best CPAP pillow for side sleepers.

I had no idea as to the amount of comfort and increase quality of sleep I would experience by getting the right pillow. This pillow was specially designed for CPAP patients and allows you to sleep on either side comfortably. There are actually gaps on the sides of the pillow for the mask which alleviates mask pressure. This allows you to sleep more comfortably and prevent mask leaks which can hinder the effectiveness of your CPAP treamtent.

I highly recommend you consider using the best CPAP pillow for side sleepers as I found it almost just as important as using the right mask.

What to look for in a CPAP Mask

Some of the things that the sleep apnea patient needs to make sure they look for the CPAP masks for side sleepers are the following:

  • A Comfortable Mask
  • A Mask That Will Not Fall Off Their Face When Lying on Their Side
  • A Hose That is Conveniently Placed
  • Consider Whether You Watch Television While Lying Down
  • A Mask That Provides Cushioned Support
  • Choosing a Less Bulky Mask

These considerations will help you to choose the best CPAP masks for side sleepers.

best cpap masks for side sleepers

What kinds of masks are not good for side sleepers?

When it comes to trying to sleep when you have a diagnosis of sleep apnea, you can become really uncomfortable. Due to this fact, CPAP masks that are big and bulky are not going to work well for you if you are a side sleeper. In addition, masks that do not provide for extreme comfort will just keep you awake even longer than you were awake before using the machine and mask. Finally, masks that become loose easily are not going to work well if you are a side sleeper and a sleep apnea patient. Generally the full face masks are not going to be good for side sleepers because they are too bulky.

What kinds of masks are good for side sleepers? 

Just as there are masks that are not good for side sleeper sleep apnea patients, there are some CPAP masks that are good for side sleeper sleep apnea patients. The kinds of masks that are good for side sleepers include those that provide you with a comfortable sleeping experience, a smaller and lightweight mask, a mask that will stay still longer, a mask that will provide you with freedom even while lying on your side and much more. Generally the nasal pillows and nasal masks are going to be better for side sleepers than the full face masks because they provide for much more freedom.

What specific masks are the best CPAP masks for side sleepers?

Many sleep apnea patients lay down on their side to sleep because they find this to be the most comfortable position. However, then the issue arises as to what CPAP mask will work best for you if you are a side sleeper. After much research, consideration and reviews it has been found that the top two CPAP masks that are best for side sleepers are the following:

Best Nasal Pillow For Side Sleepers: Philips Respironics Nuance Pro

Philips Respironics Nuance Pro Nasal pillow Mask

Best Nasal Mask For Side Sleepers: Apex Nasal Mask

Apex Nasal CPAP Mask

These two masks are wonderful in their features and the amount of comfort that they provide. In addition, these two sleep apnea CPAP masks are going to be the best for you if you have a diagnosis of sleep apnea and you are a side sleeper. Are you trying to find the best CPAP mask for you and your sleeping position? If so, check out the ultimate list of the best CPAP masks here.

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