When it comes to choosing an effective sleep apnea machine mask that will work in treating your sleep apnea disorder, there are many things to consider. These include finding a mask that has the right specifications and features for your specific disorder and your specific needs. When looking to find the best CPAP mask for you, choosing one of the top 6 in these reviews would be a great choice for you.

Top 2 Full Face Masks

#1 ResMed Mirage Quattro (5/5)

mirage-quattroI have worn many different CPAP masks while trying to find a sleep apnea CPAP full face mask that would work right and fit right for me. I wanted to find a mask that would fit right and work throughout my movements while sleeping as I am a very active sleeper. The ResMed Mirage Quattro CPAP mask worked just right for me in these movements. While many other masks that I have tried moved on my face, fell out of place or slipped down the back of my head this mask stayed perfectly in place. If you would like a sleep apnea CPAP mask that will work for you while you move around, the ResMed Mirage Quattro is a great choice. The flexible dual-wall cushion is one of the best features on this machine. Not only did this feature allow me to move during sleep but it also allowed for a soft feel on my face while not leaving any face marks when I woke up. If you are looking for the best CPAP mask for your active sleep movements, choose the ResMed Mirage Quattro as one of the best CPAP masks for you.

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#2 Sleepnet Ascend Full Face Mask (4.5/5)

Sleepnet Ascend Full Face MaskThe Sleepnet Ascend full face mask is one of the newest masks on the market today and it does not disappoint. When choosing a proper CPAP mask that will effectively help to treat and manage your sleep apnea disorder, you need to consider many things. One of those major things includes the comfort of the sleep apnea mask on your head and your face. I have had the option of wearing many different CPAP masks and many of them were very uncomfortable due to many different reasons, but not this one. The mask has a super lightweight airgel cushion that provides maximum comfort by minimizing pressure points and skin irritation all while maintaining a great seal. It is Ascend’s first full face mask with a replaceable cushion. This is a great feature as you can replace the cushion without having to replace the entire mask which will save you a lot of money in the long run. The mask comes with three cushion sizes (small, medium, and large) so you will be sure to find a cushion that fits your face. This mask also has many other features which help to provide great comfort. These things include the mask being very lightweight, working well for multiple sleep positions, a 360 degree rotating elbow for optimal tube positioning, lightweight breathable quick release headgear, and so much more. The Sleepnet Ascend also has an active headgear connector that allows the mask to move when you move without breaking the seal. If you want a full face mask that will provide you with supreme comfort and is minimally invasive while maintaining a great seal, the Sleepnet Ascend full face mask may be the right mask for you. It surely worked for me.

Top 2 Nasal Masks

#1 Airfit N10 Nasal Mask (5/5)

AirFit N10 Nasal MaskThroughout my sleep apnea therapy treatments, I have tried many different masks. While the majority of them did not work very well at all, this Airfit N10 nasal mask was as close to perfect as I could have found. I really enjoy watching television before going to bed and speaking with my husband about our day as well. Most sleep apnea nasal masks restrict vision while using the mask but the Sleepweaver Elan does not at all. I really enjoyed my freedom while being able to complete my sleep apnea therapy treatments at the same time as watching my favorite shows and keeping communication open with my husband. If you are looking for a CPAP nasal mask that provides a great field of vision, comfortable fit, and good seal, I would highly recommend this mask. This nasal mask definitely worked very well in managing my sleep apnea disorder while remaining comfortable so I could sleep soundly throughout the night.

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#1 Wisp CPAP Mask (4.5/5)

Wisp CPAP MaskOver the course of my sleep apnea therapy treatments thus far, I have not been impressed with the majority of different masks that I have used. However, there have been some that have worked very well in managing my sleep apnea. The Wisp CPAP mask, which is a nasal mask, has worked very efficiently. What I really enjoyed about using this nasal mask was the different cushion sizes that were available. Due to my seasonal allergies, during different times of the year my nasal passageways are restricted at some points. When my nasal passageways are restricted I am able to switch to using the small cushion sizes instead of the medium sized ones. This allowed me to continue using the same nasal mask instead of having to purchase a new one. In addition, I really enjoyed that this nasal mask provided very minimal face contact. If you want the best CPAP mask then the Wisp CPAP nasal mask is one that is highly rated by myself and many other sleep apnea patients as well.

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Top 2 Nasal Pillow Masks

#1 Philips Respironics Nuance Pro (5/5)

Philips Respironics Nuance Pro Nasal pillow MaskFinding the correct sleep apnea therapy treatment for my sleep apnea disorder has been years in the making. While I have had the experience of using various different CPAP masks, a top choice for the best CPAP mask would be the Philips Respironics Nuance Pro Nasal Pillow System. I really enjoyed the nasal pillow masks as they allowed a better feel for my conditions. This specific nasal pillow mask had a great seal so the air flow was very efficient. Many other CPAP masks that I have tried leaked air a lot. When a mask leaks air the sleep apnea therapy treatments are not effective, at all. This mask had a seal that did not leak on me, not once. In addition, I have tried many CPAP masks with headgear included. Some of those masks had comfortable headgear however I really wanted to try something new. If you want a nasal pillow mask that will fit, you should give this mask a try as this is definitely one of the best CPAP masks out on the market today.



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#2 Opus 360 Nasal Pillow (4.5/5)

Opus 360 Nasal PillowWhen it comes to sleep apnea CPAP masks, I am an expert. I have tried a wide majority of them and there have been great ones, average ones and ones that I would rather not ever try again. The Opus 360 Nasal Pillow falls in the excellent CPAP mask category for sure. My doctor swears by this mask just as much as I do as it consistently provides the best results with the least amount of complaints from his patients. This is an extremely lightweight mask which makes it feel far less impeding when you are trying to fall asleep. It also has a very small footprint in terms of how much it touches your face which reduces the chance of bruising, chaffing, or any other irritation. It is also very easy to read or watch TV while it is on. Many people see the picture of the hose being directed over your head and in your line of vision and think that this mask seem obtrusive. You can simply detach the hose from the holder at the top of the head and have the hose pointed in any direction you please. I always take mine down when I am reading or watching TV. You can leave the hose free flowing throughout the night if you please, but I actually reattach it to the top of my head right before I go to sleep. It greatly reduces drag of the hose and prevents the possibility of it pulling at my mask when I move in my sleep. This helps prevent leaks from occurring. The exhalation port on this mask works great and is very quiet. Another great part of the minimalist style of the mask is that there are very few parts. This makes it very easy to clean. This very simple design makes it not only easy to clean but easy to sleep with as well. During the course of my sleep apnea therapy treatments, I also wanted to find a nasal pillow mask that would have flexible nasal pillows and this mask does the job. Many other masks that I have tried within the nasal pillow mask category have had rigid or hard nasal pillows which are very uncomfortable. This mask has nasal pillows that are flexible so when you breathe, your nose is not going to get sore. It comes with 3 different sized nasal pillow (small, medium and large) so you will be sure to find a pillow that works for you. The Opus 360 Nasal Pillow is well deserving to be on the best CPAP mask list for any sleep apnea patient.

#3 Philips Respironics DreamWear and P10 Nasal Pillow

These two mask are also great options to choose from. I will not get into too much detail about these masks as I have not personally tried them but I have continued to hear great reviews from within the sleep apnea community. I believe the customer reviews on Amazon really speak for themselves. The DreamWear receives a 4.6 out of 5 stars! The P10 Nasal Pillow receives 4.4 out of 5 stars which is nothing to sneeze at as well. I’ll let you take a look at those reviews yourself to determine if one of these masks are right for you. Refer to links below.

Best CPAP Mask Summary

Managing and caring for sleep apnea disorders can be a real pain and can make you even more exhausted than just the limited amount of sleep that you get with the disorder. Choosing the best CPAP mask in managing and caring for you sleep apnea disorder should not be a trying ordeal. There are so many different things that should be considered when making the right choice finding the best CPAP mask for you. Some of the things that should definitely be considered during the process of choosing the right mask include comfort, size of the mask, how durable the mask is, how heavy the mask is, does the mask have a great seal, does it have flexible tubing, does the mask provide quiet air flow and so much more. Every CPAP mask provides its own specifications and features that are unique to the mask. While each sleep apnea patient has their own comfort issues and their own sleeping needs, it can be agreed upon that finding the best CPAP mask is very important in treating, managing and caring for sleep apnea disorders. While personally having tried many different CPAP masks, the above top 6 have really impressed me and helped to truly manage my sleep apnea disorder. When it comes to choosing your CPAP mask I can offer some simple advice and tips. Use the following as your guide before making your choice of sleep apnea CPAP mask:

  1. Find A Mask That Will Be Comfortable For You
  2. Choose A Mask That Has A Great Seal
  3. Pick A CPAP Mask That Offers Flexibility
  4. Find A Mask That Offers A Very Quiet Air Flow
  5. Choose A CPAP Mask That Will Hold Still While Sleeping
  6. Pick A Masks That Has Different Sizes Available In Case The First Size You Choose Does Not Fit You

Besides CPAP masks, I also recommend you check out the best CPAP machine cleaner on the market. My CPAP tubing, mask and everything else gets pretty filthy with frequent use. It is highly recommended that you clean it on a regular basis!

Choosing a CPAP mask does not have to be a great ordeal. Just follow the simple above mentioned tips and you will be able to easily find the mask for you. To learn more on which mask is right for you, check out the pros and cons of the different types of CPAP masks here as well as the most comfortable CPAP mask and CPAP masks for side sleepers. In addition to finding the right CPAP mask, it is also very important to find the right CPAP machine. Click here to find out which are the best CPAP machines on the market today.

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